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Legislative Priorities

For every $1 invested in public transportation, $6 is generated in economic returns. Every $1 billion invested in public transportation creates 36,000 jobs. Simply put, public transportation creates jobs and stimulates our economy. The LYNX Government Affairs team is aggressively lobbying to bring the available transportation dollars back to Central Florida.

I-4 Ultimate Transit Service Mitigation Funding 

The LYNX Board supports additional funding for the impacts of the I-4 Ultimate Construction on its transit operations. LYNX Central Station (LCS) currently has 1,000 bus trips in and out each weekday. These trips and those routes that use I-4 will be subject to the anticipated delays due to the construction. The additional funds will be used to for additional bus operations to maintain service levels. 

Request: $4,000,000

Governance Structure

The LYNX Board supports a study to outline issues and opportunities associated with the integration of bus and rail in its service area along with funding scenarios. The local governments are scheduled to assume responsibility of the SunRail system from Florida Department of Transportation in 2021. Agreements are to be in place six months prior so that an adequate transition period takes place. The LYNX Board opposes any governance structure changes until a regional integration of transit
systems has been evaluated.

Video Surveillance Records

The LYNX Board supports clarifying language to facilitate the transfer of confidential video records in order to assist law enforcement in furtherance of their official duties without cumbersome confidentiality agreements.


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