The LYNX Procurement & Contracts department is responsible for the procurement of all commodities, services, professional services, staff vehicles, revenue vehicles, real property and construction required by LYNX in accordance with sound public contracting policies and procedures. The department has a staff of professionals who administer contracts and purchase orders. Most contractual agreements are fixed-price in nature and are purchased via the "Invitation for Bids" method of procurement (low, responsive, responsible bid).

LYNX General Provisions

View our Purchase Order General Provisions for individual firms doing business with LYNX.

LYNX Administrative Rule 4

View Administrative Rule 4 entitled Procurement & Contract

LYNX Administrative Rule 5

View Administrative Rule 5 entitled "Code of Ethics".

LYNX Administrative Rule 6

View Administrative Rule 6 entitled "Dispute Resolution".

Unsolicited Proposals

View Unsolicited Proposals .

Ethics Statement

LYNX subscribes to high standards of ethical conduct for avoiding improper business practices and personal conflicts of interest for all personnel engaged directly or indirectly in the award and administration of the Authority's contracts. As such, LYNX has developed an Agency-Wide Conflict of Interest and Ethical Conduct Policy which establishes that officers, managers, employees, or agents of LYNX will neither solicit nor accept gratuities, favors, or anything of monetary value from contractors, potential contractors, or parties to sub agreements. Violations to LYNX's standard of conduct will be subject to penalties, sanctions, or other disciplinary action to the extent permitted by State, local law or regulations.

Contact Information

Procurement & Contracts Department
455 North Garland Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
Attn: Document Control Specialist
Phone: (407) 254-6033
Fax: (407) 254-6140

General Procurement Inquiries

LYNX attends and conducts numerous vendor fairs and conferences each year. To make an appointment to visit the LYNX Procurement and Contracts department, please call (407) 254-6382, Monday thru Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.