Doing business with LYNX is easy. We are dedicated to working with our vendors closely to build strong and productive business partnerships together. If you are interested in doing business with LYNX we are interested in knowing more about you. To download an application to become a LYNX vendor, click here. To apply online to become a LYNX vendor, click here.

Standard Terms & Conditions

Once you become a vendor you will be required to adhere to our standard terms and conditions as follows:

Solicitation Time

Generally, there's a 30-day period between the time solicitations are issued and bids/proposals are due back to LYNX.

Bid/Proposal Deadlines Must be Met

The submission of bids or proposals must be done prior to the stated due date and time. A written receipt will be provided for any bid or proposal which is hand delivered.


These are official changes to a solicitation. Vendors are required to acknowledge receipt of amendments. Failure to do so could result in rejection of the offer.

Pre-Bid/Proposal Meeting

Held in most cases. This provides an opportunity for vendors to ask contracting and technical staff questions about a solicitation. Also, this is an excellent networking opportunity for prime and subcontractors. This meeting is not mandatory.

Site Visits

Some procurements have a specified date and time for conducting a site visit. The site visit is usually conducted at the conclusion of the Pre-Bid/Proposal meeting. Site visits are not mandatory.

Prompt Payment Discounts

LYNX makes every effort to take advantage of prompt payment discounts offered by vendors; however, regulations prohibit consideration of them in evaluating bids/proposals.

Do Not Provide Extraneous Information

Do not include promotional or other extraneous materials along with bids/proposals unless LYNX asks for them. Extraneous items may serve to "change" the solicitation and cause offers to be rejected. Always call the LYNX Contracts Administrator in advance if you wish to include something "extra" in your bid/proposal.

Restricted Communications

Unless otherwise authorized in LYNX's solicitation packages, vendors should restrict their communications with LYNX to only those persons specified in the solicitation package, generally the assigned Contracts Administrator. Communications by vendors with unauthorized LYNX personnel -- i.e. technical representatives, board members, etc. -- could lead to rejection of your bid/proposal. 

Public Bid Openings

Bids are publicly opened immediately following the submission deadline. Vendors are welcomed to attend. Proposals, however, are not opened publicly.

Source Evaluation Committee (SEC) Meetings

The Source Evaluation Committee is responsible to evaluate proposals submitted. The committee will meet in a public meeting to discuss the proposals received. The SEC may “short list” the firms and schedule an interview with those firms or make an award recommendation. Any award of a contract in excess of $150,000 requires the approval of our Board of Directors for Contracts. Firms who have submitted a proposal will be notified of the meeting and may attend to watch the process. There will be no discussions between the committee members and the firms who are in attendance.

Award Announcements

Notices to unsuccessful vendors are mailed routinely providing the name of the successful vendor. Additional information, such as the successful vendor's bid/proposal price may be obtained by written request to the Contracts Administrator.

Proprietary/Confidential Data

LYNX encourages vendors to mark any section of their offer which contains proprietary and/or confidential data. If the data qualifies under the Sunshine Amendment as "non-releasable," LYNX will not share it with persons outside of LYNX.


LYNX will meet with unsuccessful vendors for the purpose of discussing the vendor's offer and how it might be improved for future procurements only upon request. Note, debriefings do not include comparisons among vendors.

Sunshine Amendment

LYNX is legally subject to the Florida Sunshine Amendment. This means LYNX will share information with vendors or the public, provided that LYNX possesses such information, requests for information are received in writing, and it has not been determined to be proprietary and/or confidential. For RFPs, all proposal information is proprietary and confidential until contract award.