The Comprehensive Operations Analysis (COA) is the means of adjusting and adapting LYNX operations to improve efficiency and more closely achieve the objectives of the Transit Development Plan (TDP), which itself is intended to lead toward implementation of the Vision 2030 Long Range Plan.  The COA will include an analysis of the route network and recommend short-term and long-term modifications including:

  • Adjustments to running times, departure times/locations, transfer times, and stop spacing to improve schedule adherence and customer satisfaction
  • Removal of minimally used bus stops and/or consolidation of bus stops
  • Appropriate vehicle type and service characteristics, including fixed- and flex-route, local, limited, and express service
  • Updated service standards based on industry norms as well as LYNX' productivity requirements, as stipulate by the Florida Transit Commission
  • Capital needs, including improvements to passenger facilities
  • Staffing recommendations
  • Implementation phasing