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Route Change for Links 1, 9, 102 and 443


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Fri, October 28 12:00 AM 2016
to Sun, March 12 12:00 AM 2017

Impact Level:

Planned Reroute

Full Description:

How does this affect my trip?

Effective on October 28, the new Lee Road extension will open at North Orlando Avenue & Lee Road. As a result, left turns will no longer be allowed from southbound Orlando Avenue onto eastbound Webster Avenue. This will make it necessary to permanently detour Links 1 (SunRail trips only), 9, 102, & 443. Buses that normally operate south on Orlando Ave. and turn left onto Webster Ave. will instead operate east on the new Lee Road extension to Webster Ave. and then turn left to resume the regular route. Buses that operate west on Webster Ave. and north on Orlando Ave. will not change.

In addition, the bus stop that is located on the southeast corner of Webster and Orlando Avenues will be relocated east to the southeast corner of the intersection of Webster Ave. and the Lee Road extension.   

Why is service being changed?
Due to the new Lee Road extension at North Orlando Ave. and Lee Rd.