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The June service change has been canceled, and April schedules will remain in effect until the next service change on Aug. 25.



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Service Description

See schedule for full details.

Service Hours

West Oaks Mall to Colonial Drive and Park Avenue

5:04a – 9:05p Weekdays. 

LYNX Central Station to Colonial Drive and Park Avenue
5:15a – 9:05p Weekdays, 5:20a – 9:10p Saturday.

LYNX Central Station to West Oaks Mall
5:15a – 11:45p Weekdays, 5:20a – 11:46p Saturday, 6:15a – 9:52p Sunday and holidays.

West Oaks Mall to LYNX Central Station

5:02a – 11:03p Weekdays, 5:05a – 11:05p Saturday, 5:00a – 8:34p Sunday and holidays.

Colonial Drive and Park Avenue to LYNX Central Station
5:30a – 9:01p Weekdays, 6:30a – 9:21p Saturday.

(Precise hours of service vary depending on where along the route you are. See html schedule, use the online trip planner or call 407-841-LYNX for precise travel information.)

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