August 29, 2013

LYNX has been notified that Lake County will no longer fund service on Links 55 and 204.

Effective Sept. 15, Link 55 will no longer serve stops within Lake County. The new terminus will be at the RaceTrac gas station located at U.S 192 and Legacy Boulevard.

In order to maintain the current regional connectivity between Osceola and Polk counties, Polk County will reroute Link 427 to serve all stops along U.S. 192 between U.S. 27 and Legacy Boulevard previously served by Link 55. However, the Walmart shopping plaza at Cagan Crossings on U.S. 27 will no longer be served by either route.

New maps and schedules can be viewed by selecting any of the following links: Link 55, Link 427

The Link 204, Clermont to LYNX Central Station in downtown Orlando, will be eliminated after completing the scheduled service on Oct. 18.


Lake County Service Changes


Effective Sept. 15

  • Link 55 - (Osceola County) - West U.S. 192 - Will no longer serve Lake County including the Cagan Crossings Walmart. The terminus will be the RaceTrac gas station at U.S. 192 and Legacy Boulevard. Passengers who previously used this route on U.S. 192 may use Link 427.
  • Link 427 - U.S. 27/Haines City (Polk County) - Will no longer stop at the Cagan Crossings Walmart. This route will use the stops previously served by Link 55 along U.S. 192 between U.S. 27 and the RaceTrac gas station at Legacy Boulevard.


Service Ends Oct. 18

  • Link 204 - (Lake County) - Clermont Xpress - Will be eliminated.