LYMMO Lane Closures




Mon, June 17, 2019 12:00 AM
to Mon, June 17, 2019 11:55 PM

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Bus Stop Change(s)

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How does this affect my trip?

Effective June 17, the following will occur due to the I-4 Ultimate project (see map below):

  • The LYMMO lane on Alexander Place from the CentroPlex garage exit to Hughey Avenue will be closed.
  • The LYMMO lane on Hughey Avenue between Alexander Place and Livingston Street will be converted to general traffic use.
  • The LYMMO lane on Livingston Street between Hughey Avenue and Garland Avenue will be closed.

As a result of these changes and lane closures, the LYMMO Orange Line will operate as follows (see map below):

  • Upon leaving the CentroPlex garage, operate via the regular traffic lane on Alexander Place to Hughey Avenue (LYMMO land will be closed).
  • Turn right on Hughey Avenue and operate in the far left lane to Livingston Street (LYMMO land will be converted to general traffic use).
  • Turn left on Livingston Street and operate in the regular traffic landes(LYMMO land will be closed) and merge into the left turn lane.
  • Make a slight left into the Garland Avenue intersection and then operate straight into the LYMMO lane on Livingston Street to serve the existing LYMMO bus stop.

In addition, the LYMMO bus stop on the corner of Livingston Street and Hughey Avenue will be closed during this period.

The LYMMO lane closures are expected to last approximately six months.

Why is service being changed?
LYMMO Orange line lane closure.