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Posted: November 13, 2014 to December 7, 2015

The Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX) Board of Directors has approved making system-wide efficiencies effective Dec. 14.

A major change will be the elimination of both the Xpress 204 and the Link 505. Lake County and the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) have notified LYNX they will no longer fund either of these routes.

Additional efficiencies proposed include Links 21, 26, 36, 55, 57, 104, FastLink 418, 426 and 434.

On Link 111 a time point will be added at Destination Parkway.

Maps and schedules are being finalized and once complete will be posted on www.golynx.com.

The next service efficiencies are scheduled to take place April 19, 2015.

 Dec. 14 Service Changes


  • Xpress 204 - Clermont Xpress (Lake County) - Lake County will no longer fund service.
  • Link 505 - Longwood/Winter Springs (Seminole County) - The Florida Department of Transportation will no longer fund service.


  •  Link 21 - Universal Studios (Orange County) - Arrival time at LYNX Central Station (LCS) will be adjusted to :05 and :35 on Weekdays only.  Weekday time adjustments also will be made between time points.
  • Link 26 - Pleasant Hill Road/Poinciana (Osceola County) - Adding a weekday and Saturday 9 p.m. southbound trip leaving the Kissimmee Intermodal Station.
  • Link 36 - Lake Richmond (Orange County) - Rerouting from L.B. McLeod Road, to President Barack Obama Parkway, looping through the Parke 33 Industrial Park before returning to L.B. McLeod Road and resuming the existing routing at Willie Mays Parkway.
  • Link 55 - U.S. 192 Crosstown (Osceola County/Lake County) - Rerouting to and from Kissimmee Intermodal Station via Main Street to Vine Street (U.S. 192). 
  • Link 57 - John Young Parkway (Orange County/Osceola County) - Daily time adjustments.
  • Link 104 - East Colonial (Orange County) - Rerouting from LCS to Fashion Square Mall outbound by way of the LYMMO Lane, Magnolia Avenue, Robinson Street and Maguire Boulevard. Trips to LCS will be routed by way of Maguire Boulevard, Robinson Street, Rosalind Avenue and Amelia Street.
  • Link 111 - OIA/SeaWorld (Orange County) - A time point will be added at Destination Parkway Departure time from Sea World will move to :30 on Saturday only.
  • Link 418 - Florida Mall/Meadow Woods/ Lake Nona (Orange County) - Daily time adjustments.  Routes will start their trips from The Florida Mall SuperStop and Medical City at :30. 
  • Link 426 - Poinciana Circulator (Osceola County) - A 10 p.m. trip will be added from the Poinciana Walmart.
  • Link 434 - SR 434 Crosstown (Seminole County) - Service will be rerouted from downtown Oviedo.  The new routing will utilize Mitchell Hammock Road to Alafaya Trail. Passengers going into Oviedo will transfer to the NeighborLink 622 at the Oviedo Mall.  Will now service the Longwood SunRail Station at State Road 434 and Ronald Reagan Boulevard. 



For more information please contact Matt Friedman, Director of Marketing Communications, at 407-254-6206 or mfriedman@golynx.com.

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