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Posted: November 10, 2011 to December 31, 2012

TheÃ� Central Florida Regional Transportation Authority (LYNX) will introduce two new routes to serve the busy Colonial Drive/State Road (SR) 50 corridor when it makes it next round of system-wide efficiencies on Dec. 4.

Link 104 and Link 105, both operating out of LYNX Central Station (LCS), will replace the service that used to be Link 30. Link 104 will provide limited-stop service along East Colonial Drive/SR 50 to Semoran Boulevard/SR 436 and then will serve all stops until it hits UCF. Link 105 will operate with limited stops between LYNX Central Station and Pine Hills Road and then will serve all stops along West Colonial Drive/SR 50 to Park Avenue in Winter Garden.

Other efficiencies will be on Links 4, 8, 10, 11, 13, 15, 20, 21, 25, 36, 37, 41, 42, 46E, 46W, 103, 204, FastLink 17-92 and PickUpLine 641.

Customers may visit www.golynx.com to view maps and plan trips through the new Google Maps partnership or call 407-841-LYNX (5969) to speak with a customer service representative for assistance.Ã� 

The next round of service efficiencies will take place in April 2012.

Effective Dec. 4, 2011


  • Link 30 âÂ�Â� Colonial Drive Crosstown (Orange County) âÂ�Â� Will be split into Link 104 (East Colonial) and Link 105 (West Colonial).


  • Link 104 âÂ�Â� East Colonial (Orange County) âÂ�Â� Will replace East Colonial Drive/SR 50 portion of Link 30.Ã�  Link 104 will operate from LCS to UCF. From LCS, it will stop along Colonial Drive at Fashion Square Mall and Semoran Boulevard/SR 436, and then will serve all current Link 30 stops to UCF.
  • Link 105 âÂ�Â� West Colonial (Orange County) âÂ�Â� Will replace West Colonial Drive/SR 50 portion of Link 30.Ã� Ã�  Link 105 will operate from LCS to Park Avenue and Colonial Drive/SR 50 in Winter Garden. From LCS, it will stop along Colonial Drive at Orange Blossom Trail, John Young Parkway, Mercy Drive and Pine Hills Road. Then the route will serve all current Link 30 stops to Park Avenue. Link 105 will not serve the bus stop adjacent to the building at the West Oaks Mall.


  • Link 4 âÂ�Â� South U.S. 441/Kissimmee (Orange County/Osceola County) âÂ�Â�Ã� Slight time adjustments have been made for trips leaving Osceola Square Mall.
  • Link 8 âÂ�Â� West Oak Ridge Road/International Drive (Orange County) âÂ�Â� Alternate routing south of SeaWorld to continue providing service on Westwood Boulevard where Link 42 formerly operated. New routing options will be Central Florida Parkway to International Drive or Central Florida Parkway to Westwood Boulevard to International Drive.
  • Link 10 âÂ�Â� East U.S. 192/St. Cloud (Osceola County) âÂ�Â� The westbound trips from the St. Cloud Walmart will begin five minutes earlier for better connectivity with the FastLink 441 at Main Street and Vine Street in Kissimmee.
  • Link 11 âÂ�Â� South Orange Avenue/Orlando International Airport (Orange County) âÂ�Â� The link will no longer operate on SR 528. New routing to OIA will include Jetport Drive and Bear Road. The trip to LCS will now include Bear Road and McCoy Road.
  • Link 13 âÂ�Â� University of Central Florida (Orange County) âÂ�Â� All outbound time points on the Sunday schedule will be five minutes earlier.Ã�  Times for all inbound trips from UCF on Sunday have been adjusted.
  • Link 15 âÂ�Â� Curry Ford Road/Valencia College (Orange County) âÂ�Â� All trips departing Valencia College before 8 p.m. will be adjusted to arrive 15 minutes later at LCS.
  • FastLink 17-92 âÂ�Â� Sanford/Downtown Orlando (Seminole County/Orange County) âÂ�Â� Second trip will now leave at 6:30 a.m.
  • Link 20 âÂ�Â� Malibu Street/Pine Hills (Orange County) âÂ�Â� Sunday schedule times will be adjusted by 15 minutes. Trips will now depart LCS at :15.
  • Link 21 âÂ�Â� Universal Studios (Orange County) âÂ�Â� The bus will now arrive at LCS 15 minutes earlier at :20 and :50.
  • Link 25 âÂ�Â� Mercy Drive/Shader Road (Orange County) âÂ�Â� The route will now arrive at LCS 15 min later at :05 and :35. Sunday service will now depart from LCS on the hour.
  • Link 36 âÂ�Â� Lake Richmond (Orange County) âÂ�Â� Sunday schedule departure times from LCS will be adjusted by 15 minutes. Trips will now depart LCS on the hour.
  • Link 37 âÂ�Â� Pine Hills/Florida Mall (Orange County) âÂ�Â� Time has been added to the weekday schedule.
  • Link 41 âÂ�Â� SR 436 Crosstown (Orange County/Seminole County) âÂ�Â� Monday through Saturday buses will now depart the Apopka SuperStop and OIA every 35 minutes.
  • Link 42 âÂ�Â� International Drive/Orlando International Airport (Orange County) âÂ�Â� Route will end at Destination Parkway. Link 42 passengers going to points south of Destination Parkway will now have to transfer to Link 8 or 111.
  • Link 46E âÂ�Â� Central Florida Regional Hospital/Downtown Sanford (Seminole County) âÂ�Â� Route will begin at Seminole Centre. Service will extend to the Seminole Health Center on SR 415. Neighborhood service in Midway Avenue and Jitway Avenue will be discontinued to allow service to the Health Center.
  • Link 46W âÂ�Â� West SR 46/Seminole Towne Center (Seminole County) âÂ�Â� Route will begin at Seminole Centre. Saturday service will begin at Central Florida Regional Hospital.
  • Link 103 âÂ�Â� North 17/92 (Orange County/Seminole County) âÂ�Â� All trips will end at Seminole Centre. Passengers can transfer to links 46E and 46W for continued service on 17-92 north of Seminole Centre.
  • Link 204 âÂ�Â� Clermont Xpress (Lake County/Orange County) âÂ�Â� Routing will be adjusted to include stops on South Grand Highway and Hook Street. Then continue along Colonial Drive/SR 50.
  • PickUpLine 641 âÂ�Â� Williamsburg (Orange County) âÂ�Â� Service area will be expanded to include Turkey Lake Road from Central Florida Parkway to Sand Lake Road. New destinations will include Walmart, Dr. P. Phillips Hospital and the Westgate Lakes Resort.


For more information please contact Matt Friedman, Manager of Media Relations, at 407-254-6206 or mfriedman@golynx.com.


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