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Service Description

**NOTE: Starting Thursday, April 30, the first trip at Aloma Ave./Lakemont Ave. will be adjusted to depart at 5:53 a.m, weekdays. The first trip at Webster Ave./Denning Dr. will depart at 6:07 a.m., weekdays. All other departures will remain as scheduled.**

See schedule for full details.

Service Hours


Silver Star Road and Hiawassee Road to Aloma Ave. and Lakemont Ave.
5:15a – 8:09p Weekdays. 5:15a – 8:04p Saturdays.  6:15a – 5:59p Sunday and holiday.


Rosemont SuperStop to Silver Star Road and Hiawassee Road
5:31a – 9:00p Weekdays. 5:48a – 9:02p Saturday.
Aloma Avenue and Lakemont Avenue to Silver Star Road and Hiawassee Road
5:53a – 9:00p Weekday.  6:04a – 9:02p Saturdays.  6:15a – 6:00p Sunday and holiday.

(Precise hours of service vary depending on where along the route you are. See html schedule, use the online trip planner or call 407-841-LYNX for precise travel information.)

Customer Alerts

There are no service alerts at this time.