Where is my bus? LYNX is putting the technology in place to provide the answer. Kiosks with real-time bus information will be placed at heavily used stops. Additionally, customers will be able to obtain information in the future on their smart phones or through a simple phone call to find the location of the next bus and the expected arrival time at their stop. Potential enhancements could also assist customers by ringing an alert on their cell phones as they approach the bus stop nearest to their destination.

LYNX has developed an internet application to allow ACCESS LYNX customers to directly interact with the scheduling system. Now customers will have the option to reserve, update, or cancel trips through the internet without having to call a phone representative. Social workers will also be able to assist their customers' trip booking needs through this new application. Customers who still choose to speak with a phone representative will experience shorter hold times during busy call times as some choose to use the internet option. A future enhancement will allow customers to receive trip reminders and vehicle arrival notices by e-mail or by telephone call. Registered ACCESS LYNX customers will receive login information in the mail.

Imagine a future where technology allows all vehicles to electronically communicate with each other. Your vehicle would "know" where all others around it were and where they were heading. With this information, technology could reduce the potential for any two vehicles to attempt to occupy the same place at the same time. It is estimated that over 80% of today's accident could be prevented! LYNX and our fellow transit agencies are working on this technology with the United States Department of Transportation.

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