Say Something!

Safety Hotline

Call 855-FLA-SAFE

Who to Tell

Once you see something, how do you say something? Below are helpful hints on how to report it – it could save your life.

Describing “Something Suspicious”

Tell the authorities who, when and where you saw something, and specifically what you saw. Be sure to note the number of the bus, or name of the transit stop. Explain why you thought there was cause for suspicion.

Who to Tell…

Transit Personnel
If there are transit personnel nearby, tell them. Don’t be afraid to report something, even if you aren’t sure it was serious.

  • Tell a police officer
  • On a bus, tell the driver
  • In a bus station, tell a transit worker

Call the Police
If you cannot easily locate someone in uniform, call the police at the following numbers:

Call 855-FLA-SAFE

For imminent threats call 911.

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